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Newport Classic Cars

Rent a dope droptop ’66 Mustang and let everyone wonder “was that just…?”. Or take a 4-hour private tour in a vintage 1924 Studebaker and see the waterfront mansions and how the .000001% lived. Newport Classic Cars can get you the wheels that give you wings.

Newport Vineyards

Like Napa, if Napa were 15 minutes from the hotel. And had a brewery with a tap room. And was run by one chill family. And had killer farm-to-table food. And a beautiful space to have an unforgettable birthday or bachelorette party that you may actually forget because of the vineyard and tap room.

Green Animals Topiary Garden

This place is a trip. Not a long trip (20 minutes from the Inn) but a trip trip. It’s beautiful, cool and historic and it’s the oldest topiary garden in the US. The garden has over 80 pieces sculpted from California privet shrubs, coniferous yew trees and English boxwood and overlooks the beautiful Narragansett Bay.

Cliff Walk

A National Recreation Trail inside a National Historic District. Doesn’t get any more protected than that. This 3.5 mile walk is mostly easy, always beautiful and occasionally harrowing. They don’t call it the Cliff Walk for nothing. But it’s free and it’s breathtaking and you did bring legit shoes to walk the walk right?

Newport Mansions

You know that huge, awesome vacation home you stayed in that one time on the beach with all of your extended family? Yeah, that’s the size of a bathroom in these mansions. We’re talking 160K sq ft “homes”. On a cliff. Built 250 years ago. Filled with millions of dollars of amazing art and furniture and who-knows-what secret passages. And secrets. Book a private tour or take a high-speed walkthrough in just an hour.


This is the national pastime of Newport. As much relative nobility and history as any mansion in the area. Hook up with 12 Meter Yacht Charters and you can sail through Narragansett Bay on an America’s Cup yacht and see the architecture of Newport from a completely different perspective. Average tour is 90 minutes but plan for two hours. The last sail of the year is mid October.

Easton’s Beach (aka First Beach)

It’s a great beach, but very public and often very crowded in the summer. First Beach (in local lingo) is the largest in Newport, just down the hill from the Cliff Walk. There’s an old school lobster snack bar, a 1950’s carousel and a beach bounce for kids (or adults with seven margaritas).

Second Beach

Farther down the road, which makes it a little less crowded than First Beach. This is where the surfers hang - and hang ten. If you’re up for it, this is a gentle place to learn. You can take a lesson at Rhody Surf, or rent a SUP or surfboard. There’s public parking at the beach, but get there early. Otherwise you’ll need those good shoes from the Cliff Walk.

Third Beach

Farthest from town and the least crowded. It’s gently sloped and set back in a cove so there are rarely any waves. It’s peaceful and calm, save for the occasional families with little ones building castles and eating sandy Cheez-Its. It’s a good spot to windsurf if that’s your jam. No public restrooms or concession stands so bring your own. Concessions not restrooms.

Rejects Beach

Definitely the best named beach in Newport. It’s popular with the younger crowd, though you can often find yourself alone like it’s your own private strip of sand. Surf is rougher so it’s great for bodysurfing. No parking, no amenities and it’s only accessible by foot or bike. Which, to be honest, makes it awesome.


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